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Offering Something Special

At Denver Exotic Rental cars, you’ll receive a top-quality and unique rental experience. No matter what you come to our shop for, one of our team members will be here to help and guide you. With our great customer service and low prices, it’s no wonder we are becoming the top Car Rental Service in Denver. Read on to see what makes us so unique and successful.

Denver Exotic Rental Cars was created by life long car enthusiasts, who like many, wanted their fantasy of an exotic car experience to come true. The founders were  actually one of the "OG's" in the Exotic Car Tours in the Denver area. The company was established 6 years ago in 2013, when after 11 years of experience in the field, the founders decided to take a chance and bring their dreams to the masses. For most people it is just a dream to see these cars in person, but here we encourage those people to make that dream a reality. Here at Denver Exotic Rental Cars (DERC), we understand our clients wants and needs, and we want to offer them the ride of their life. 

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Available When You Need Us

Driven by passion and the love for cars, we trust that our clients will  feel a part of the team. We've been at it long enough to know how important great customer service is and we make it a point to provide top notch quality. We provide for any Special Occasion; Birthday, Anniversary, Prom, Wedding, name it!! We are there for our customers whenever they need us, before, during and after every rental process.


Don’t Sweat It

We firmly believe that this is one of our strongest qualities when compared to other luxury rental shops. We guarantee to provide the best prices for high quality. We make a promise to follow up after every experience to ensure you are satisfied with each purchase. We are confident that you will be back for more. So don't hesitate and Book today !

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